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Inez Davis

Zeni Fitness is a faith-based fitness organization founded by Lady Slyvella Davis-Jones. Zeni was created in memory of her mother, Inez Davis who went on to be with the Lord on July 27, 2018.

Lady Slyvella wanted to share the inspiration, motivation, dedication, and encouragement her mother instilled in her, with you! Allow Zeni to inspire you to live your best fitness life!!

No matter where you are in your fitness Journey, Zeni can help!

We aspire to inspire you to meet your fitness goals! By participating in this fitness program you won’t only be inspired physically but spiritually also! Zeni guarantees you’ll feel better about your fitness journey!


Before & After

Achieve real results by consistently pushing your limits at Zeni Fitness! Here’s people in our program who started in January 2019 and underwent transformation throughout 2019. We have lost inches and strengthened endurance with routines like “Souled Out” by Hezekiah Walker. We have also gained muscle, toned our bodies & boosted our metabolism with routines like “Won’t He Do It” by Canton Jones. Zeni Fitness classes inspire us in our entire fitness journey! Some are now running & participating in marathons. Some are lifting at new levels & are stronger than ever! Join Zeni Fitness today & discover how you can take limits off your body!







I always have a good time at Zeni Fitness

I always have a good time at Zeni Fitness. the music is great, the energy is amazing and the routines are “easy Peeezy” 😉

Mia Pankey

Zeni Fitness is a welcoming and positive atmosphere

Zeni Fitness is welcoming and positive atmosphere. The workouts are beneficial for your mind body and soul. Great de-stressor after a hard days work.

Tara Thomas

This class surpassed all of my expectations!

Zeni Fitness has given me a completely different way to give Our Father praise! Dance, fitness, & praise are uniquely combined edifying my mind, body, & spirit. I’ve never experienced a class that fed my spirit until now!! No inhibitions or judgements. Just a safe space to let the Spirit move & receive love and support. I’m so grateful for this class & I look forward to it every week. Many thanks & blessings to Sly as this class continues to touch people in amazing ways!!

Tiara Carter

I always dreamed of a class like this!

Zeni Fit is the king of fitness that’s good for your mind, body, and spirit. There is a feeling that comes when you work out your body, but there is a blessing that comes when you feed your spirit. I leave class refreshed and blessed! I had always dreamed of a class like this and now it’s here! Thanks, Sly!

Brigitte Christmon

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